Duet is a new digital artwork created by Invisible Flock and Quicksand.

A year of connections between India and the UK

A Year of Connections between India and the UK.


DUET is an ambitious piece of work about finding space for reflection, expression and connection in our daily lives. An app, an interactive web platform and a series of outdoor public artworks across cities in India and the UK, Duet allows for multiple levels of engagement. DUET is at once personal and public, global and local.

DUET is a collaboration between INVISIBLE FLOCK (UK) and QUICKSAND (India).


Build a unique relationship with someone, on the other side of the world.
DUET anonymously connects participants, inviting them to exchange details of their lives by answering one question a day through an app.
Prompted by DUET, a participant gradually builds a picture of their partner and their surroundings through shared messages.

Launching Jan 2017


A beautiful portal into thousands of connected conversations.
The web platform provides a framework to explore the anonymous conversations happening in real time; an evolving, animated network.
Launching Jan 2017


Ephemeral glimpses of evolving personal relationships, in public spaces throughout India and the UK.
Messages received via the app will be presented in location specific contexts
A physical interactive window into the project that captures the fragility and the strength,
the differences and the similarities of the thousands of conversations taking place.

Various cities throughout 2017

Quicksand is an interdisciplinary consultancy, facilitating the creation of meaningful experiences through design research and innovation

Invisible Flock are a multidisciplinary technology driven arts studio that seeks to redefine and disrupt traditional perceptions and models of global art practice.

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