A Unique Challenge From A Unique Context

The Soligas in BR Hills have been resettled into sub-community/Podu level resettlement colonies after the forest was declared a tiger reserve. This has been a step by the government to stop shifting cultivation practices as well as integrate the communities into the mainstream. At one of these villages, we noticed a set of shared toilet facilities right at the entrance. The toilets had prominent signs that declared them to be bio-toilets supported by DRDO technology (http://drdoficciatac.com/Biodigester/aboutus.asp)

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Lost and Found in Time

Like every generation that preceded us, we have been endowed with a weak Messianic power, a power to which the past has a claim. This claim cannot be settled cheaply.
Walter Benjamin, Theses on the philosophy of History


The oldest well in Karnataka, which is over a thousand years old is located in a temple in Kolar district. The group of temples called the Ramalingeshwara group were, according to Archaeological Survey of India, dated to 399AD. It was later renovated by the Chola Dynasty, perhaps the most prominent of South Indian empires.

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